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One of the most often asked questions is "Are you the same Dory Cove as on the other end of town?" We opened this location on May 21st, 2007 after six months of remodeling and expanding the kitchen after the unfortunate fire at the old location. We brought the entire group of employees and all the recipes and the menu to this location so that the great nearly 40-year tradition would not die in the flames with the original building.

All of the dishes are as you remember them; the chowder is still, and always will be, the best you ever enjoyed. Our friendly staff and dedicated cooks have continued over the years to bring you the best and tastiest of dining experiences. The menu has not changed and the desserts are to die for and not to be missed.

We are proud that four to six generations of customers continue to come back and share their lives with us, and for this we are most grateful. Thank you so much for choosing Dory Cove Restaurant for your dining choice. We now are proud to offer wonderful breakfasts to satisfy your dining needs earlier in the day. Breakfast is served 8 AM through 2 pm.
With our efficient service and great prices, you’ll enjoy great food in a comfortable environment. At Dory Cove, it’s important you enjoy your experience every time you sit down.

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